My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Day 9…I’ve Made a Few

We all have them. Sometimes they are out there for the world to see and sometimes we tuck them into the crevices of our heart. But we have all made mistakes. There are things that make us wish life was a computer and we could push the undo button.

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I swore. At my dad. The one man who has given me more than I could have imagined. It was forever ago, but in my heart I can still taste it hot on my tongue and feel the regret that followed.

I’ve apologized. He’s forgiven me. But the past comes at us brutal sometimes and knocks us down until we’re left on the floor.

This may seem small and insignificant to you. Or maybe it is unfathomable. Either way, our mistakes are not as much about the act as how we perceive the act. That determines how deeply we hold onto it.

Some of us may be struggling with mistakes that seem unforgivable. Things we can’t even whisper in the dark. Things that haunt us and break us over and over again reminding us that we are not, nor will we ever be worthy.

Those are lies.

Because when we bring the mistakes of our past to God, He doesn’t forgive the way we do with a file tucked away for later reference. No, He forgives completely, removing all traces of evidence against us. He covers it in blood and it is a beautiful stain to wear.

If you are struggling with letting go of mistakes that you’ve made, listen carefully today and be set free.


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