My Ink Dance

Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Day 21…Running in Circles

I never fit into the right circles.

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It’s true. I never quite fit. Not with the popular kids or the nerds. Not with the athletes or the artists. I was just there. I existed around the circles, running to see where I could fit.

It’s not much different now. The circles change names, but that’s about all.

There’s the popular group full of friends and activities and parties and playdates. In the church word the pastors and worship leaders fit here.

The nerdy group bent toward the philosophical or the engineering mind. Any hope of this level of intelligence went out the window with my first pregnancy.

The athletes have only changed in that they are crossfit, runner, spinning fanatics that make me simultaneously jealous and tired.

The artists are this great blend of the cool kids with real smiles and the ones always in the know of the little café or flick or music on the scene.

Sure, there are more circles, but I’ve never found mine.

I wonder what it would even look like.

How about insecure formerly smart girls who love their family and their faith but screw it all up on a regular basis?

Is there a group for that?

Or were we never meant for circles?

If we put our worth in what circle we fit in, it will only be for part of who we are.


Circles are like slinky’s and picking one is like picking a cross section of ourselves and declaring that small piece to be who we are.

Maybe if we step out of the circle we will see that the rings are invisible and we can go anywhere we are called.

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