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It Gets Messy

I hope no one got the wrong idea in my last post. I think the New Year is great. I’m more of a New Year in September kind of person, after all I was a teacher. And I will still tell you my favorite part of teaching was getting everything ready for the new year. New class, new markers, new bulletin boards. Everything was so perfect.

And that lasted a day.

photo credit: yahoo images

photo credit: yahoo images

Before I knew it backpacks and lunch boxes were strewn about the closet area, perfectly aligned desks were a bit more haphazard and those new markers were missing caps before the first day had passed.

The New Year does that. It gets messy.

Does that mean I would throw away all the markers and toss the desks around the room? Of course not.

How is your New Year feeling about now? We’re almost two weeks in. Is everything still shiny and new or are things starting to look a bit rough around the edges?

I just want you to know that it’s really ok. That resolution that you felt so strongly about just a few weeks ago might not feel so resolved. But it doesn’t change who you are, and sometimes we forget that.

Goals are great. They are necessary to make positive changes in our lives. But when we take our worth and attach it to those goals, that’s when we get into trouble. Remember your worth. Your value is in who you are, not what you do, what you eat, how many Bible verses you read or how you look.

Your worth was defined from the moment He spoke the world into being and it was confirmed with every echo of a hammer hitting a nail.


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  1. Hi Becky, I found you on the thread that Michael Hyatt offered to let us list our blogs today. I just read the one you listed and then moved backwards to this one. Love them both and I look forward to reading your blog more often! Susie

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks Susie! Can’t wait to get to know each other!

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