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Is There a Secret Club?

These women with perfect hair driving to the top-secret meeting place. They all arrive with latte’s and Louis Vuitton’s, flashing perfectly white teeth. Their clothes drape effortlessly and their eyes sparkle.

Or at least that’s how I picture it.


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They are the in crowd.

Now before you think I’m talking about some sort of sorority group you should know that these women live all over the country, the world in fact. Yet somehow this internet has intertwined them as sisters.

I’m lucky if I make time for a cup of tea with my friend 3 miles away.


Sometimes I wonder how these superstars of the blogosphere (because yes, that is a thing) have seemed to connect their perfect screen worthy lives with one another. How is it that they all know and love each other, promoting one another and traveling around the world together?

Is there a club that I never got an invite to?

Watching lives through a screen is a dangerous thing, prone to a focus so tight and airbrushed we forget that everyone has a periphery.

I may not understand how these women have connected lives through pixels.

But I do know that there is a greater part to them than what we read on the screen.


Well, look at me.

I strive to be transparent here, but transparency isn’t the same as complete access. Right now I’m sitting in my room surrounded by the contents of two closets and uncomfortable from the awkward roll of flesh that has formed over the waist of my jeans. And that’s saying nothing for the bathroom screaming to be cleaned and the guilt I feel for not homeschooling my kids anymore.

We all have stuff.

Sometimes it may seem like everyone else has it all together. But when you’re tempted to think that you’ve missed the boat and they moved the secret meeting, remember that the screen only shows what we let it. Our lives are more than we can fit into Times New Roman.

Maybe we’ll never fit into a secret club.

And maybe that’s ok.

Linking words and hearts today with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee.

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  1. There’s always more than than we see. And often it isn’t pretty. A good reminder to look at how open I am to show all my sides online. And so thankful that no matter how messed up my life is, Jesus accepts me and loves me anyway. Coming over from Coffee for Your Heart. Thanks for sharing, Becky.

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