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Why Doubt and Inconsistency Are Okay

I’ve got this whole perfect Christian thing all wrong.

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Sitting in the car with my mom today I was trying to describe the rarity of me actually praying last night. It’s not that I don’t interact with God, but I don’t have an intimate throne room experience on my knees everyday. But let me tell you, if you’re looking for someone who lives a remarkably ordinary life with occasional intimate encounters with God, then you’ve found your girl.

And yes, I still think of myself as a girl because woman sounds so…..mature. And I know me.

See, I’m kind of this ordinary mess. I have a base knowledge of all things Bible, but I’m still an insecure, twisty person that doubts what is real about God in my every day life. Can you relate?

But my doubts don’t change who God is. And neither do yours.

When He said He loves us He meant it.

And when He said He is the same always, it means always.

So we can doubt and get all wrapped up in our head and do it all wrong and it doesn’t change.

God is God.

He loves us.




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