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How to Focus When Life Is Spinning Out of Control

Have you ever watched a dancer spin? They are on a stage or in a studio and they twirl endlessly, effortlessly over and over and then continue on with their dance. I always watch them in awe and wonder. How they can possibly spin so much without getting dizzy? It has to do with their focus.

photo credit: fairy Parisian, tumblr

photo credit: fairy Parisian, tumblr

I think I can feel the world spinning around me. Somehow I find myself standing on an imaginary axis point watching time in a blur and I’m dizzy. That happens when we can’t find a point of reference. It happens when we’ve been spinning through life without setting our eyes on the one thing that will keep us moving forward.

Instead we get stuck feeling woozy in a world that keeps going around us while we try to catch our breath. It feels impossible to stand up, never mind find our way and keep going.

So we sit in the middle of the chaos spinning around us with our head in our hands begging it to stop.

But it won’t.

The world won’t stop spinning.

Life won’t stop moving.

But we don’t have to give up.

In dance there is a technique called spotting. It prevents dancers from getting dizzy when they spin around and around to the point it would be hard to walk, never mind continue to dance. The dancer picks one spot to look at and each time she turns around she whips her head around to find that same spot as quickly as possible. This enables her to move forward, to continue with purpose, to keep dancing.

All we need to do is lift our head and find our spot. Find that one thing that keeps us centered, grounded when the world is a blur around us.

When we fix our eyes on Jesus, the world can rage and life can spin, but we won’t lose ourselves in the movement. With every turn we just need to come back to Him and we will continue to dance.

Linking up words and hope today.


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  1. Hi Becky,
    I’m your neighbor at Holley’s link-up today. I love watching graceful ballerinas and life is surely a dance that spins around us! I love how you guide us to keeping our eyes on Jesus — the only sure thing in our spinning world! Enjoyed my visit here!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks for stopping by Valerie! If we can remind each other where to focus, maybe the world won’t make us so dizzy 🙂

  2. I love this! I certainly need to fix my eyes on Jesus.

  3. Beautiful! Although I’m not a dancer, I’m finding my spot as we “speak”.
    Love this –> “It happens when we’ve been spinning through life without setting our eyes on the one thing that will keep us moving forward.”
    Love the encouragement, visiting from #TellHisStory.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks for visiting today Kristi! We can all use encouragement no matter where we’re at in our journey.

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