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The House That Taught Me About My Purpose

Everyday for the past few months I’ve driven by a house that’s being built. First they cleared the land, then laid a foundation. It was like that for a while thanks to the snowy winter. I couldn’t picture it, that new house. Not when they cleared the trees. Not when they laid the foundation. Not even when they started framing it a few weeks ago. But all that changed the other day.


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Now it’s taking shape. It’s becoming something recognizable. I find myself driving by hoping they’ve made more progress just so I can see how it will turn out. The anticipation is fueling my interest. At some point, probably within the next few months when the siding is done and the landscape is filling in I won’t even notice the house anymore. There won’t be anymore unknown.

Maybe that’s where we get things mixed up in life too. We spend so much time wondering what’s next. Wondering what we’re meant to do. But is it because we want to be walking in that process or because we want to arrive and check it off an imaginary list?


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We need to choose whether we want to say I am becoming or I’ve arrived. When we’ve arrived there’s not much left to look at and get excited about. We look only where our feet are planted and lose sight of the horizon. But if our goal is becoming, then the world is round and the horizon is always on our mind. There is no destination or ending. No retirement from our potential. No “What Now?”

Sometimes we think about a singular goal and look at all the things in our life that get in the way of that. What if I told you they aren’t really in the way at all? What if they are all part of this journey of becoming?

You have a choice today and everyday. If you want to arrive, you just might get what you hope for. If you want to become, you will get so much more.

Linking up words of encouragement and hope today!


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  1. I love this and so agree with your premise. I think too many people think of God’s will, for instance, as a final destination instead of as an ongoing path.

    1. Becky Hastings

      It can be hard, right? I just want to make sure I’m always on that path, finding my way closer to Him (even if it looks like I’m going the wrong way!)

  2. Becky,
    How encouraging! Becoming rather than arrived — I love that since it holds so much hope for our future so we can look ahead with anticipation not back with regret. Enjoyed my visit (and your photos) here today!

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