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When You Need Something New

It’s not Friday. But somehow today I find myself needing five minutes of freedom in this space. Five minutes to be and say whatever comes to mind instead of mentally editing my heart.

So, here you have my Five Minute Friday. . . on a Wednesday.

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It’s time for something new, here in this space and there in your own. It may be little, but my gut tells me that the little things often become the big things so don’t keep them hidden.

I needed a new perspective today. A new way of looking at the world that doesn’t involve second guessing and wondering. That doesn’t censor my thoughts and tell me I’m not enough, I’m too much, I’m nothing. I don’t want to speak into the endless void of the world wide web, I want to speak into the heart of a person, someone looking for something.

Peace, understanding, affirmation, encouragement.

I want my words to matter in this space and in yours. But if I keep striving to matter I only lose sight of what actually matters. Striving makes it about me, not about you.

So I’m here playing with words again. Looking for something new. Something to draw me in to that primal place where heart and head meet in an intricate dance of feeling and thought.

I want to be entwined.

So maybe new isn’t bad. Maybe new is terrible. But either way it draws me from where I was to somewhere else. Even now I fight the urge to erase words, but the whole journey can’t be beautiful. So maybe this is just one step towards something amazing and new.


I’m out of practice in this place, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. Finding my way back, I hope you join me on the journey.

Linking words…



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  1. Love FMF on a Wednesday – that’s when I usually get to mine. Well that was an amazing five minutes – a beautiful write. Love the part about striving “But if I keep striving to matter I only lose sight of what actually matters. Striving makes it about me, not about you” – it’s what I’ve been writing about this week and it keeps coming up every where. So glad you took that five minutes of freedom. Great encouragement. Your neighbour at Coffee For Your Heart this week

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks for visiting Tracey. Your words were so encouraging for me. And I suppose there’s never a bad time to take five minutes for freedom!

  2. How right you are! Well said, Becky!! Thanks for the great reminders here!!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks Pam!

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