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How To Live Alive

I have a tendency to think three steps ahead. My mind spins with the thoughts of what’s to come and how to be prepared. But when you live in the what may come you lose the here and now.


image by Victoria Ivanova

image by Victoria Ivanova

Somehow I forget to take the time to embrace what is before me and instead seek to control what hasn’t even happened. And when my head is spinning and my heart feels empty I wonder how I got to this place. It is in that moment that I realize I put myself there.

But each moment gives us the opportunity to do better, to choose now, to embrace what’s real.

Because the only moment that is real is the one you are living right now, so live it full and embrace it’s beauty or sadness or confusion. Hold it close and feel it deep. Yesterday already slipped through our fingers and tomorrow is never a promise.

Embrace the Now

Don’t wait for life to be perfect to embrace the moment. When you grab on and hold tight, when you feel and think and allow yourself to be in middle of whatever hurricane or rainbow surrounds you is when you truly are alive.


Embracing words today and this month in my series 31 days of Finding Your Way Home. Check out the other posts here.

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