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When The Storm Comes

You see it coming. The sky turns dark and you know the atmosphere is about to change. You ready yourself for what’s about to come and you find your place in the midst of chaos.

But what happens when you don’t see it on the horizon?

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When life feels normal and comfortable until all the sudden…it doesn’t.

You had no warning of the storm and here you are in the middle of it unsure how it happened, unsure what to do, unsure what the future holds.

But there is one thing you can be sure of…no storm is stronger than God.

Whatever you are facing, you are not at the mercy of the storm, tumbling aimlessly in the wind and waves. You are always at the mercy of a loving, all knowing God who holds on tight and doesn’t let go.

He doesn’t forget you.

He doesn’t lose sight of you.

He doesn’t leave you on your own.

The storm you face is no match for the storm of God’s love.

We may not understand everything that is happening around us or why we had no warning. We may have to sit in the middle of that storm or claw our way out to safety. We may think the storm is stronger and all hope is lost. But God doesn’t change who He is based on what we think or what happens around us.

If you’re in the storm, hold on to the truth of who He is. And if you can’t hold on one more minute, ask Him to hold you instead.

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