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Why The Hard Times Matter

“This last season was so hard. So, so hard. But God was so good.”

I listened as my friend shared a piece of her heart. It felt honest enough, but then she made it real.

“I keep thinking, please God don’t let me forget and don’t make me go through that again.”


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Because there is the truth beyond the theology. It’s easy to say that God has brought us so far and move on, forgetting all He’s done. Forgetting the reason for the hard. Forgetting the grace in the dark.

We don’t see the value of the hard place until we’re on the other side. We can look back to where we were and be amazed that we are no longer there, that person, that version of ourselves.

Because life is a constant shedding. A laying down of who we are to embrace who He is.

When we’re standing there on the other side of all that was heartbreak and loss, stress and struggle, silence and chaos, that is when we can see just how far we’ve come. It’s those times when we can look back and see purpose and grace over the most dried up seasons of our lives.

But it’s so easy to forget.

We move forward and it feels easier to breathe the air of a new season. The impact of the hard is in the rearview mirror and getting smaller with every breath.

And we need to ask God to help us remember.

Remember just how hard it was so we can see how far He brought us.

Remember how the driest places in us were so cracked and broken, but His grace came in those very crevices.

Remember the chasm that felt impassable that carries a path of footprints and tears to the other side.

It is in every hard, dry, cracked place. Every teardrop, footprint and void that we can see His hand.

And the best thing we can ask when we’re on the other side,

Please don’t let us forget.

This is part of a journey titled 31 days of Finding Your Way Home. My hope is that you join me and we all find ourselves closer to Him in the end.

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  1. So very true. This is a very well-written post.
    I’ve been writing about some incredibly painful friendship memories this week–and while it’s been yucky to relive that, it’s also been wonderful to see the places in my life where GOD showed up, where Jesus comforted me through His word and His people, and how far I’ve come since then.

    1. Becky Hastings

      It is great to see those places, isn’t it? Those places that felt so lonely and desperate and now we can see the grace and love in the darkest moments.

  2. It is so easy to remember what He has brought us through when the troubles are passed. Thank you for the encouragement to NEVER FORGET!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks for visiting Sarah!

  3. I could hear this truth everyday and still need it more: “Because life is a constant shedding. A laying down of who we are to embrace who He is.” Beautiful words, Becky.

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