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Listening to the Right Whisper

There are whispers that are louder than screams. Those quiet thoughts in my head that tell me things that are easier to believe because I know the me no one else sees.

And it’s hard not to listen.


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When I hear words that empty me I believe them more than the words that fill me. Even when I know they’re not true. I could refute each one with a truth, but it feels so hard in those places that are so broken.

you are not enough.

you are fat.

you are ugly.

you are too much.

you will never measure up.

But there are other whispers, quieter than the first. Whispers that fill instead of empty, whispers that go into those broken places like a salve.

you are His.

you are loved.

you are loved by the God of all the universe.

you are perfectly imperfect.

you are a good kind of special.

And I remind myself of these words. These truths that speak deeper if I let them. They may not eliminate all the other whispers but they have a power that can’t be compared.

When you listen to the whispers of God the whispers of the world don’t matter.

So, listen quiet today. Choose what you hear. Choose what sinks deep into the core of who you are. And believe it.

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