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Lessons From Fall

All around me things are changing. It’s in the leaves and the weather. The sun and the landscape. But even more than that it’s in me.

Because fall is the time to remember that change is good and sometimes we need to let go.


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I love the green of spring, that new baby green with hints of yellow. It’s hope in color. And most of the time I feel like that baby green. That newness in who I am and my faith, even though I’ve known Jesus for 25 years. In the scope of all there is to know, I’m just a baby.

But that’s not what fall is about. It’s not the newness of spring or the deep greens of summer that beg you to come rest in the shade, breathing in deep as warm air hits your cheek. Fall changes everything.

I’ve never been one to like change, but this is just so beautiful. Maybe that’s why God paints such a colorful picture just before the letting go. He wants us to see the beauty and fill us with it for the months ahead, the next season he has for us.

Because it will get cold and we will miss the color. But maybe He’s got something to teach us beyond the color. Maybe it’s the letting go.

I hold on to things that I shouldn’t. I keep my fist wrapped tight around things that don’t bring life, things that are long dead. I hold on because I’m so scared to let go.

If my hands and heart clutched full of dead things there is no room for anything beautiful and alive.


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