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The Finish Line Is The Starting Line

I’ve spent the last 31 days writing a series about Finding Your Way Home. Here I am on the last day and I feel like I’m almost home and just getting started.

And I’m right.

image credit: sunflowers and searching hearts

image credit: sunflowers and searching hearts

Because the truth is that I am almost…

almost happy

almost beautiful

almost there

almost enough.

I’m going to be honest and tell you I deleted those words above a moment ago….twice. But I put them back. Because they are the truth of my heart. They are not cries for help or an effort to fish for compliments. It is where my heart is. I’ve come to a place where I can see happy and beautiful in me because God gave me those things.

But I’m not there. I haven’t arrived. I’m still finding my way.

And I’m still longing for more. As much as God has blessed us and given us here, He has so much more for us there.

pablo (1)

I’m still finding my way. Still on this journey toward home. And the best thing I can do is soak in all I can on the journey while I long for the destination.

If you’ve joined me on any part of this recent journey, thank you. I hope you have found something beautiful and real in your path as you move closer to Home.

This is the final post in a series titled 31 Days to Finding Your Way Home. You can see the other posts by clicking the link below.

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