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What I Learned Summer Edition

I like this whole idea of looking back, this taking a moment to consider the weeks that just passed by and all that they held. It’s not about the events or the flurry of activity. It’s not even about the quiet moments. It’s a chance to stop and think about the impact of the month, large and small.

Learned Summer

 I don’t need another plan.

And this is hard for a checklist girl to admit. I don’t need a program or a master list. They’re not bad, but when I somehow think I can control everything in my life if I just find the right plan, I’ve lost track of the One who is in control. Maybe I should start there. And then do the programs, plans, webinars, ebooks I already have. Better yet, maybe I should just BE.

Sticking to 3 goals helped so much.

I picked three things this summer. It was part of how to have the best summer ever. For me, those things were simple this year: people, water, and books. I didn’t make complicated schedules and have a huge bucket list. Everything we did boiled down to these three…did the things I was doing involve people I love, getting in the water most days and getting lost in books? If I could answer yes…it was enough.

Eat the ice cream.

Can I get an amen?

ice cream


Don’t spend life on the sidelines. Don’t be too proud to get in there and be silly or get dirty. You’ll never regret laughing and you will always find time for the serious stuff. Make time for play. It fuels you. It fills you up…it’s worth it.

(On a side note…another fantastic thing I learned was about Happiness. Check out this book and find out how to grasp happy even in the midst of real, everyday life.)

I can feel proud and terrified in the same moment.

I had the chance to getaway with my hubby and kids to Chincoteague Island, Virginia. We were enjoying the beautiful beach one evening when a teenage boy found himself caught in a riptide. He was struggling and could barely keep his head up. My husband grabbed a boogie board and ran in to help the boy. I called 911 and comforted the mom. We all thought he could just be pulled in.

Unfortunately, the riptide proved too strong and my husband and another swimmer ended up caught with the boy. They took turns holding onto the boogie board to stay up. Emergency Services were dispatched. The Coast Guard was on the other side of the island. They needed help. Ten minutes after my husband went out a man showed up with a paddleboard. He went out and they got the boy on the board and my husband and the other swimmer were able to kick out of the riptide to shore.

Everyone was ok.

Thank you, Jesus.

I was so proud of my husband. He helped save that boy’s life. At the same time, it was terrifying. I felt helpless and did the only thing I know to do: I prayed. Right there on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and the mom crying for her boy.

Our feelings can be polar opposite and we can feel like everything is a mess, but God is still there. All the time. Click To Tweet

Maybe He was there for your in some way this summer. Maybe you learned something that you want to remember, to hold onto. Leave a comment telling us about it!




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  1. Becky this is wonderful. And about the ice cream? Amen!

    1. Becky Hastings


  2. Hi Becky … how fun to meet you over at Holley’s this morning. And I’m with both you and Michele … yes, please to ice cream.

    Mint chocolate chip?


    1. Becky Hastings

      Perfect for a hot day!

  3. So glad we are neighbors at Holley’s today and I read this. Wow, yay God, yay your husband’s heroic bravery. Riptides are beasts – even for the strongest of swimmers. I love your what I learned list! And, yes ICE CREAM!!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thank you! And I think ice cream is the hit!!!

  4. Amen to ice cream! And what a scary moment while your hubby and those boys were trapped in the rip tide! Blessings!

    1. Becky Hastings

      It was a bit scary! But God was there in every moment! And ice cream….always ice cream!

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