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10 Hidden Joys

I started the year full of anticipation, ready to see what my word of the year brought. January is like that, full of hope and dreams. When I chose JOY I didn’t know what it would look like. Grace was full of deep heart learning and somehow I thought JOY would be, well, more joyful.

I expected a lightness that would be easier to discern. Maybe I expected to be floating. Who knows? The thing I do know? God likes to surprise us. I’ve found joy in the last few weeks, but it hasn’t always been light and airy. Maybe this is the secret to deep heart joy. Maybe it is finding joy in the hard things that changes the heart.

1. I got to hold each of my not-so-little littles this week. Yes, it involved sick days that I’d rather not have. But I got to hold them. To wrap my arms around them without the need to get something done.

2. Colder days mean cozy reading by the fire. I’ve missed the sunshine and the grey landscape gets old after the snow melts, but words make me happy.

Maybe it's finding joy in the hard things that changes the heart. Click To Tweet

3. People I love are safe. I’ll just say that mental illness is a beast, and watching someone you love battle is heartbreaking. But today, knowing people I love are as safe as they can be brings me a somber joy.

4. Things are unknown but I’m seeking God, and that feels good.

5. Sick kids remind me how grateful I am to be past the baby years. They were beautiful years, but sleep is not overrated.

6. Laughter is a wonderful thing. I made time to laugh with friends, and it was worth it.

7. Goals feel good, but grace feels better. Click To Tweet

8. What someone else sees as strange in me, I’m beginning to see as beautiful. Giving myself that permission feels like exhaling.

9. Time with my husband is always worth it. It may not look like a storybook, but it’s ours and that makes me happy.

10. The confirmations God puts in my day when I am feeling unsure.

These joys were hard to find. I had to think and dig and face the hard things to find the joy in them. If that’s what it takes to have joy that runs deep, maybe it is worth it. 

What joy do you need to look for today?

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I am emotional and logical. I am strong and dependent. I am a juxtaposition of head and heart exploring it all through writing. And in all my mixed-up ways I am loved. I'm here to tell you that you are, too. Just the way you are.

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  1. Becky, it is so true. There are times we must dig deep to find the joys in our days. But when I do so, those are the joys I find I most remember always. May we keep digging!

    1. Becky Hastings

      It seems hard and like so much work, but it’s so worth it!

  2. Amen! I love all the joys you mentioned. Sometimes they are hard to think of but they are there. What a great reminder for me today. PS. I love your about description 🙂

    1. Becky Hastings

      They can be hard to think of, but they are always there! And thank you. Can I ask what you loved? I’m working on updating some things and would love the feedback. Feel free to email me at Thanks again!

  3. I’m with you in realizing there is joy in the hard places, Becky. My younger girl used to have sick days quite often due to cold-induced asthma. She’s mostly grown out of that, and I’m so grateful. But when she happens to get sick now, I cherish those quiet days taking care of her at home. I also love No. 8, 9 and 10 … especially that you are learning to see beauty in yourself where others might see strange. 🙂 I hope you keep writing about these joys that you’re finding this year … it’s so encouraging!

    1. Becky Hastings

      It’s so funny how our view can shift as our kids grow (and we adjust our filter:) ) We will never regret the time we spend caring for our babies. Thanks so much for your encouragement today!

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