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7 Things I’m Learning (and Loving) This Winter

The cold winter leaves a lot of time for introspection so it’s the perfect time to link up with Emily in her seasonal What I’ve Learned Series.

I Learned A Lot

This sounds silly, but I’ve taken some time to reflect. We often forget about the things we learn. We just accept them as part of ourselves and never recognize them. As silly as it sounds, I’m proud at how much I’ve learned.

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I love words, that’s no secret. Winter is always a falling back in love with books for me. (Not that I ever fell out of love, but life gets in the way) The cold days, warm fire, and my tendency to hibernate sets the stage for perfect reading time. See some of my recent reads and books that truly changed me.

I Can Do New Things

I did something crazy (for me). I went skiing for the first time. Well, not the first, first time. There was that one time I went in college with my hubby, but I did more complaining than actual skiing, plus that was forever ago, so I don’t count it. But this time I went!

My husband and kids ski once or twice a year, and they love it. I’ve always stayed at the bottom of the mountain to take pictures, help with gloves and provide food. I loved it, but I felt like I was missing out. So I signed up for a lesson and went with them.

I wouldn’t say I loved it, but it was fun. The kids were so excited that I was out there giving it a try. And to be honest, I felt super proud of myself. That made it all worth it.

Comparison is Still a Struggle

I know, it shouldn’t be. I’ve even written about how we need to stop and that measuring sticks are more of a weapon than a tool. But some days it’s hard. And I forget. And I fall back into old patterns. But God. And grace.

So, I’m working on it.

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Dog Bones

This is ridiculously silly, but we have a clear glass jar for dog bones on our counter. I filled it up not long ago, and I made a huge mistake. The dog bones look too much like a certain cookie made for people. And I get hungry for one every time I walk by. Lesson learned.


God and I have had some good talks lately. Really good. I read one of my favorite scriptures and I saw a word I’ve never really cared about before: PETITION.

I never really noticed that God told us to keep coming to Him, to petition Him, to pull on his hand and say, “Please Daddy,” over and over. So, I’m petitioning. And trusting His peace will come.

Game Time

I forgot how much I enjoy playing games. With extra family time over the holidays and in the winter it’s been fun to remember. Labyrinth is a new favorite and even a game of Yahtzee is well worth it. (I’m still a fan of word games like this and card games like this, too!)

What have you been learning this winter? And do you have a favorite book or game to tell us about?

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  1. It is good to pause and reflect on the things we’ve learned. Well done for trying skiing- that’s something I’ve never done. I like games too. I tried a new one called Camel Up recently and it was fun.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks Lesley! I’ll have to check out Camel Up!

      p.s. I’m so happy to see your comments here! 🙂

  2. I love your reflections – particularly trying new things such as skiing. This year I’m trying new things if they interest me in he slightest – and seeing how they work out. I’m following my curiosity!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Following your curiosity sounds like a wonderful, exciting way to approach life!

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