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Discovering Extraordinary Grace in an Ordinary Life

Do You See the Ordinary Graces?

It’s easy to walk through life and see all the hard things. The broken relationship. The lost job. The addiction. The illness. The hard things seem to scream for our attention, right in our face until it’s all we can see.

But what if there are things all around us, ordinary things, that we just don’t notice?

It's easy to get lost in a sea of hard things. But look around. Do you see the Ordinary Graces?

I’ve spent some time on grace, it was my word of the year last year. Still, no matter how much time I dwell in the idea of grace, I find it’s never enough. There’s always more there, more to learn, more to receive.

Grace is a well, and no matter how deep we go, it never runs dry. Click To Tweet

Sometimes the way to that grace means surrender. Lucinda Secrest McDowell says it beautifully in her latest devotional, Ordinary Graces:

My child, are you close to sinking under the incredible weight of all your responsibilities, concerns and fears? I am here to sustain you, but first we may need to do some rearranging of your cargo. You were never meant to carry it all. I will help you bear the load. In all the right places.

Doesn’t that just make you want to exhale? Imagine God speaking these word to you today. In all the things you’re holding onto, gripping tight, and balancing. Let Him bear the load. He will sustain you.

Ordinary Graces is an opportunity to daily find that endless grace right in the middle of real life. By looking at one word, a scripture, and a sweet little note from God’s heart each day, McDowell encourages your soul in the deepest places.

Even as all those hard things scream for our attention, we can look through them to find the grace. The God who is master of the extraordinary cares about the ordinary in your life. Look for His grace today.

Find grace and encouragement right in the middle of ordinary life. Order your copy today!

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A copy of this book was provided to me from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

About Becky Hastings

I am emotional and logical. I am strong and dependent. I am a juxtaposition of head and heart exploring it all through writing. And in all my mixed-up ways I am loved. I'm here to tell you that you are, too. Just the way you are.

13 Replies

  1. Luann

    Thanks Becky. That is just what I needed to read. Have a blessed day noticing all the “little and big” graces God supplies us with today!

    1. Becky Hastings

      So very glad! Have a beautiful day filled with ordinary graces 🙂

  2. That sounds like an amazing book! Exchanging the daily hardship for His grace – what a beautiful exchange freely available to us! Thank you for the review!

    1. Becky Hastings

      It truly is beautiful, isn’t it?!

  3. So much of the given and glorious goes flying right by us unnoticed. Isn’t it good of God to keep on giving without making gratitude a prerequisite?

    1. Becky Hastings

      Amen and Amen!

  4. Seeing God’s grace in everything, big and small, makes a difference. Thanks for sharing this book. I’m adding to my list of need-to-read.

  5. Grace…a gift so beautiful yet most times taken for granted😢
    Thank you for sharing with us Becky.

  6. Becky, wow. I loved that quote. I admit, too often I try to shoulder my entire life-load, forgetting that God wants to help me. Forgetting that His grace is available. I just need to accept it.

    This sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing about it! You’ve got me thinking….

  7. Sounds like a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing this review!

  8. Thanks Becky for this grace word and book tip today. “Grace upon grace” has been floating around my head for the past few days as I pray for grace in some situations this week. Love how God is speaking this into my life! Thank you!

  9. “The God who is master of the extraordinary cares about [my] ordinary.” I’m gonna steep in that truth today! Thanks, friend!

  10. Sounds like a great book. Grace is a great word for the year. So grateful that God cares about my ordinary.

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