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5 Ways to Find Quiet in a Noisy World

Most days it seems like the world is screaming at me. Phones ding, inboxes fill up, work and family demands pile higher and higher. Everything feels so loud.

And all I want to do is sit in the quiet I can’t seem to find.

Does your life feel loud?

It's easy for life to get noisy. Here are 5 five ways to find quiet in the middle of the noise

1 – Open Your Bible

Yes, it really is that simple. The Bible is the living Word of God. Opening His Word invites a quiet in your soul that nothing else can manufacture. His presence is the quiet your soul is seeking.

I know it feels hard sometimes. There’s no time and life is busier by the second. I’ve had seasons where I’ve left my Bible open on the kitchen counter, catching a glimpse of a scripture or phrase as I grabbed plates for dinner or cleaned up another spill. You can’t find these moments if your Bible is collecting dust on a shelf. (Believe me, I know.) Even a moment in the Word is better than waiting for the perfect circumstances for a Bible time. Perfect never comes. Embrace the moments.

2 – Step Away

Sometimes a few steps is all it takes. When the house is spinning crazy, step outside. When the kids are so loud in the car, take a minute outside after loading the groceries. When work is screaming, leave the phone on your desk and go to the restroom. Removing yourself from the noise does more than bring quiet. It changes your perspective and fortifies you to go back. 

I’m not the only mama that’s hidden in the bathroom in the middle of a long day. Yes, the kids always find you, but savor the moment.

His presence is the quiet your soul is seeking. Click To Tweet

3 – Shut It Down

Technology screams louder than our people do sometimes. It’s so easy to think we are more efficient when we are always available, always doing, always multitasking. If that’s how we use technology we are letting anyone with our email address or phone number decide how we go about our day. Choose your technology times wisely. Set times to shut down the technology and you eliminate a large part of the noise.

4 – Exhale

It sounds simple, too simple. But the power of breathing is not to be dismissed. In the midst of all of Job’s trials in the Bible he declares, “The Spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life,” (Job 33:4). When we are longing for life in the midst of trials it is the breath of God that brings what we are looking for.

Choosing to exhale allows us to let go of all the noise and demands of life and frees us to inhale the breath of God. Click To Tweet

5 – Be Quiet

This might be the hardest one for me. As the ring leader of this circus, I seem to be talking all the time. And when I’m not talking, I’m doing. Dishes, laundry, work, school forms, it never ends.

But you can stop. Stop talking for a few minutes. Stop doing all the things. Just be still and invite God’s presence. Check out the September 27 entry of this book. Read it like God is speaking to you.

Relax in My Everlasting Arms. Your weakness is an opportunity to grow strong in awareness of My Almighty Presence. When your energy fails you, do not look inward and lament the lack you find there. Look to Me and My sufficiency; rejoice in My radiant riches that are abundantly available to help you.

~Sarah Young


No matter how loud life feels, you can find quiet and peace.

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20 Replies

  1. Great tips Becky! I love the idea of leaving my bible out on my counter. I have a bible that identifies the different names of God and in this Christmas season – it’s cool to just glance at a familiar reference and see which name/attribute of God is used in the original version. Also, His presence. My goal is to live there! Thanks for the simplified tips and reminder that it’s just not that hard to connect with our Savior. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Sometimes I think we make it so much harder than it needs to be; at least I do! Grateful He is there whether we are jumping through hoops of our own making or just resting in Him. Have a wonderful Christmas Char!
      (And that Bible sounds lovely!)

  2. Wonderful suggestions and needed too! I try leaving my phone in another room or at home so that I cannot even hear it vibrate 🙂

    1. Becky Hastings

      Leaving the phone somewhere else can make a huge difference! Have a wonderful Christmas Joanne!

  3. Oh, Becky, this post resonates with this sister-circus-ringleader, because I have the crazy idea that if I stop paying attention to everything (I mean EVERYTHING!) things will not go the way I want them to. Teensy control issues are so unbiblical, and it’s a mercy this morning to read words that assure me that God is in control, and He will meet me in the quiet — and even help me to get to the quiet.
    Blessings to you, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Becky Hastings

      So grateful to know I’m not the only one Michele! And grateful for a God so full of GRACE 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Excellent ideas, much needed this time of year. Sharing today…Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Becky Hastings


  5. Becky, I love the line “Perfect never comes. Embrace the moments.” This goes so far beyond Christmas to all days of the year! Appreciated your post! Thank you.

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks friend! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. So needed that exhale after a busy morning. Why do we forget to do that… Great tips, friend! Praying your Christmas is blessed with peace and joy from above!

    1. Becky Hastings

      Isn’t it funny how we can forget such a simple thing?! Praying you have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Perfect list, friend. And, perfect timing. Thank you. Merry, merry CHRISTmas to you and yours, Becky. xoxo

    1. Becky Hastings

      Thanks Brenda! You too!

  8. Sometimes we need to see it spelled out like you have done here, Becky. Finding quiet doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it to be! Have a blessed Christmas!

  9. Your last line is so true. No matter the chaos and noise of life we can find quiet and peace. It usually takes intention but it’s there and you’ve given wise suggestions to make it happen.

  10. The circus-leading doesn’t necessarily stop when the children grow up and move out. I’ve found that my natural bent didn’t just disappear when our home emptied. It’s a constant struggle… still. Thank you for the “exhale” reminder this morning. I’ll be sharing it.

  11. Becky, I loved the practical suggestions and the wisdom in this post. Quiet is something I’ll be seeking more of in the new year. Your timely words were a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing at Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this tomorrow.

  12. Great suggestions, Becky. It’s so important to find some quiet for our souls.

  13. What timely words for me today, Becky. I’m so exhausted from the noise of this holiday season. I really need some quiet time and will seek that today thanks to your inspiration here. Great tips for how to find that much needed quiet!

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