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What Are You Dwelling On?

What is it that you spend your thoughts on? The things that you focus on? What if you could change that? Don't miss this!

It all started with a weird sound in my ear. It wasn’t loud or painful. There was no ringing or buzzing. It was just a sound that wouldn’t go away. By morning, this little sound had become something entirely different in my mind. I hadn’t been able to sleep well, the sound taunting me as […]


Recently, my friend Susan made a comment on a post that was incredibly profound. Here’s what she wrote: “She who dwells in the secret place of the most high God shall abide …” Psalm 91.1 DWELLS, not visits, not swings by for coffee, but LIVES there. HANGS THERE. ALL.THE.TIME. Never say amen. DWELL. Isn’t that […]

Do You Long to Spend Time with God but Don’t Know How to Really Make it Happen?

You can spend time with God in the middle of your real life. Don't miss this at My Ink Dance!

Have you ever thought you should spend more time with God, but don’t know how to really make it happen? Lately, I have felt a disconnect and longed (desperately) for a way to shake it. I wanted to want to spend time with God. I wanted to enjoy my time with God. I didn’t want it […]

Do You Feel Disconnected?

Do you ever feel disconnected from God? I have 2 things to tell you: You're not alone and I can help. Head over to My Ink Dance now to see what I discovered that made a difference!

Everything was perfect. The band was playing. The lights were dim and filled with people worshiping. My kids were behaving. I was singing the words. It was the perfect setup to worship God. Except I couldn’t. It didn’t matter that I was in the perfect environment. Everything I did seemed to fall flat. I couldn’t […]

New Word for a New Year

Don't miss the big reveal of the 2018 Word of the Year at My Ink Dance!

It’s not my first time ringing in the new year with a word. I find it centering to find a word to be an umbrella, an overarching idea for my whole year. You can read about my word last year (and why you need one) and the year before to get an idea of what […]

2 Steps to Gratitude (A Photo Challenge)

You can create a heart of gratitude in 2 easy steps! Don't miss this quick photo challenge!

It’s a busy week. Things to cook, house to clean, travel arrangements, people. Busy. But what if we stopped for just a minute? We can turn our heart around with just one choice, one click of the shutter. I love the lofty ideas of listing our blessings by the thousand, the picture perfect circle around […]

Do You See the Ordinary Graces?

It's easy to get lost in a sea of hard things. But look around. Do you see the Ordinary Graces?

It’s easy to walk through life and see all the hard things. The broken relationship. The lost job. The addiction. The illness. The hard things seem to scream for our attention, right in our face until it’s all we can see. But what if there are things all around us, ordinary things, that we just […]

The One Word to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary

We say it all the time, but what if this one word is making everything worse? My Ink Dance shares this one word and what you can do instead!

I caught myself today. Much like recently when I was brushing my teeth, except this time I was out for a walk. Even when I manage to be quiet, sometimes the thoughts run like that ticker at the bottom of the news screen, never-ending and lacking the substance you really need. Today the thoughts were […]

What I Learned Through Labor

There are all kinds of labor and every one can teach us something. Don't miss these 5 things from My Ink Dance

Despite the fact that its been over 9 years since I’ve been in that position, and at the risk of alienating my 5 male readers I can finally wrap my head around things. I’m not sure what’s taken me so long, but the feelings have never fully left me. The emotions are so intense. More […]

Cue the Balloons & Confetti!

It's time to celebrate! See why @ My Ink Dance.

I’m so excited to share an announcement with you today! Before I tell you the big news, the fun is that this isn’t just about me. This is about a beautiful network of bloggers seeking to encourage one another, but also to encourage YOU!   My Ink Dance is honored to be nominated for the […]