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What I Learned Through Labor

There are all kinds of labor and every one can teach us something. Don't miss these 5 things from My Ink Dance

Despite the fact that its been over 9 years since I’ve been in that position, and at the risk of alienating my 5 male readers I can finally wrap my head around things. I’m not sure what’s taken me so long, but the feelings have never fully left me. The emotions are so intense. More […]

Finding Hope in the Broken Places

Hope can be hidden in the middle of your grief. Find it today.

I’ve talked about adoption here before, telling my own story. Today I welcome a fellow writer to share a piece of her journey, in all it’s beautiful broken pieces.  Natalie shares her story of finding grace as she discovered Jesus sitting with her in the darkest moments of her journey. We all have different stories, […]

Too Good Not To Share

It’s easy to get lost in the negative in this online world. The news leaves us twisted and social media can leave us green. Perfect pins can make us wonder if we’re ever going to be enough and emails scream for our attention. In all this noise, I still believe there is good out there. […]

Why I Don’t Have A Bullet Journal

For a long time I didn’t set goals. Even in a sea of bullet journals and planners and New Year’s Resolutions I couldn’t find my way to concrete goals. Not because I didn’t know what I wanted, but because I was so afraid of putting them on paper and then failing. In many ways I […]

When Your Giants Feel Too Big

I’ve been spending some time looking back. I’m not looking back to wallow or for pity. No, this looking back is to grow, to see how far I’ve come or what I still need to work on. Looking back can help us remember the lessons that we need to learn. Today, I’m remembering how I […]

Looking For Answers

I scan headlines and feel like a little child uncertain of the chatter around me and what that means for me. Heartache, heartbreak, heart fears swirl wild and we feed them with our hashtags and online rants. We think we can say something there in our named anonymity and somehow pat ourselves on the back […]