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2 Steps to Gratitude (A Photo Challenge)

You can create a heart of gratitude in 2 easy steps! Don't miss this quick photo challenge!

It’s a busy week. Things to cook, house to clean, travel arrangements, people. Busy. But what if we stopped for just a minute? We can turn our heart around with just one choice, one click of the shutter. I love the lofty ideas of listing our blessings by the thousand, the picture perfect circle around […]

Cue the Balloons & Confetti!

It's time to celebrate! See why @ My Ink Dance.

I’m so excited to share an announcement with you today! Before I tell you the big news, the fun is that this isn’t just about me. This is about a beautiful network of bloggers seeking to encourage one another, but also to encourage YOU!   My Ink Dance is honored to be nominated for the […]

5 Things Bringing Me Joy Today

You can find joy right now, right where you are. Don't miss these 5 things bringing me joy today!

I will be the first to admit, I wait for joy to find me. Even with my word-of-the-year and lofty goals I find myself walking through life waiting for joy to flash with neon signs and arrows so I know it’s arrived. Today I chose something different. I chose to seek out joy. I chose not […]

How To Do More Than Survive

Do you long to go through your days doing more than simply surviving? These two tips will make all the difference.

I hate September. Well, maybe not everything about September. After all, there are sweatshirts and apples and cool nights. Those are the saving graces, because the rest brings me to my knees. Shifting from a summer mindset into a school mindset is rough. I’m not just talking bedtimes and early wakeups either. There’s first days […]

10 Hidden Joys

I started the year full of anticipation, ready to see what my word of the year brought. January is like that, full of hope and dreams. When I chose JOY I didn’t know what it would look like. Grace was full of deep heart learning and somehow I thought JOY would be, well, more joyful. […]

My Word-of-the-Year (And Why You Need One Too)

While it took me a little time to jump on the Word-0f-the-Year bandwagon, I’m so glad I did. Last year, I chose grace. I needed it. For me. It was that simple. And it made such a difference. I’m still holding tight to grace this year, and I’m choosing a new word for 2017. It’s […]

I Choose Joy

My extended family has faced some hard things recently. Not so hard that it elicits sympathy on every facebook feed, but hard enough that you feel alone and like you don’t know where to turn.  Loving someone with Mental Illness has a way of doing that. Leaving you in a place just isolated enough that you […]