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The Unexpected Book That Changed How I See Myself

This simple book can change what you believe about yourself.

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for books. I write about it often, sharing my favorites and monthly reads (click here for my latest). But sometimes there is a book that deserves more than a listing and summary. Today I have just that book! I love picture books. There’s something magical about the […]

Books to Start the New Year

Don't miss great fiction, inspiration and family books from My Ink Dance!

It’s no secret around here that I love books. I share lessons from books I’ve read, lists of favorites, and even had the first BOOK WEEK where I told you about my favorite books to read and give in 5 categories. At the end of each month I love to look back at what I’ve […]

Do You Long to Spend Time with God but Don’t Know How to Really Make it Happen?

You can spend time with God in the middle of your real life. Don't miss this at My Ink Dance!

Have you ever thought you should spend more time with God, but don’t know how to really make it happen? Lately, I have felt a disconnect and longed (desperately) for a way to shake it. I wanted to want to spend time with God. I wanted to enjoy my time with God. I didn’t want it […]

Do You Feel Disconnected?

Do you ever feel disconnected from God? I have 2 things to tell you: You're not alone and I can help. Head over to My Ink Dance now to see what I discovered that made a difference!

Everything was perfect. The band was playing. The lights were dim and filled with people worshiping. My kids were behaving. I was singing the words. It was the perfect setup to worship God. Except I couldn’t. It didn’t matter that I was in the perfect environment. Everything I did seemed to fall flat. I couldn’t […]

What If I Never Lose a Pound?

I stood there completely naked, reached back, and pulled the ponytail holder out of my hair. Nothing was going to impact this. I thought about taking off my wedding ring, but finally decided I was being ridiculous. Then I stepped on the scale. The digital display was working, thinking, processing the weight of me on […]

New Word for a New Year

Don't miss the big reveal of the 2018 Word of the Year at My Ink Dance!

It’s not my first time ringing in the new year with a word. I find it centering to find a word to be an umbrella, an overarching idea for my whole year. You can read about my word last year (and why you need one) and the year before to get an idea of what […]

5 Ways to Find Quiet in a Noisy World

It's easy for life to get noisy. Here are 5 five ways to find quiet in the middle of the noise

Most days it seems like the world is screaming at me. Phones ding, inboxes fill up, work and family demands pile higher and higher. Everything feels so loud. And all I want to do is sit in the quiet I can’t seem to find. Does your life feel loud? 1 – Open Your Bible Yes, […]

My Favorite Family Books to Read & Give

One of my favorite things is enjoying a book with someone I love. Picture books, board books, chapter books, it doesn’t matter. A page with beautiful words is enough. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — I could never tire of this beautifully crafted fantasy about four siblings in Narnia, a magical land. It […]

My Favorite Non-Fiction Books to Read & Give

Inspirational Non-Fiction Favorites at My Ink Dance!

A great book can teach you so much about yourself and those around you. Inspirational non-fiction is so much more than self-help. It is truly a way to embrace God’s truth and apply it to our lives. The Gifts of Imperfection — The subtitle really says it all: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed […]

My Favorite Fiction Books to Read & Give

Don't miss these exciting books from Book Week at My Ink Dance!

Getting lost in a made up world can provide escape from reality. But the very best fiction gives you more. The best fiction touches your heart. Long Way Gone — I first told you about this book here, but I have to tell you it would make a perfect gift. Especially for someone struggling to […]