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How Doing Less Helped Me Do More

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do and you can't get anything done? Maybe the secret is easier than you think! Find out how doing less may be the answer to help you DO MORE!

It sounds all wrong. We think about how much we want to get done. The go, go, go, more, more, more spinning around us, and we try to add one more thing. I know because I’ve done it, for years. And it was the very thing making me feel like a failure. I was tired […]

19 Things I Love About Being Married

In honor of my 19th anniversary this month here are a few of the practical, mushy, and deep things I love about being married, in no particular order. 1. Events. Knowing who my wedding/work event/party date is. (Bonus: we get to go home together) 2. All the feels. Having someone who sees me and all […]

3 Keys from 36 Years of Marriage

I bickered with my husband today. It was nothing major; I probably won’t even remember it in a few days. But there are fights I do remember. Ones that I wish never happened. They remind me of how hard this beautiful thing called marriage is, and how much we all need a little help along […]

Why Choosing Me Was The Least Selfish Decision I Could Make

Laying on the paper covered vinyl exam table I stared up at the ceiling pretending I was anywhere else. The doctor came in and we made small talk above the muzak, all the while pretending things were not about to get incredibly personal. We caught up since last years appointment about the kids and work […]

The Fight That Can Save Your Marriage

I sat across the table looking for a reaction to my whisper. I had said the words and let them hang there. It was too late to take them back, not that I would have anyway. They needed to be said. As I sat there at a quiet table for breakfast I looked my husband […]

Taylor Swift Got It Wrong

She sings of love that is meant to be and how much you belong together. But the truth is it doesn’t matter. Belonging together is only a small piece of a puzzle that is without borders and has pieces missing.   At some point you will be the one who takes away the smile and […]