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This is a place for you to discover extraordinary grace in ordinary life.

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Monsters in the Closet

I pretend that I can keep myself contained. I somehow lie to myself thinking that I can just show people what I want them to see, even if it’s not the ideal me. But being a heart on your sleeve kind of person complicates the desire to keep things neat and tidy. I started my […]

Seeing Beyond My Hard

Sometimes I get so tired of hearing my own voice. It always sounds louder than I intended, as if it is amplified as it comes back to me. My words bounce off walls closing in tighter around me. Suddenly, I’m claustrophobic. It seems as if the words reverberating are taking up the air space and […]

Another Line Item

I read today about someone praying with another person and I scoffed. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it came almost involuntarily. I have no doubts about prayer and it’s power, but when did prayer become something to check off the list? When did our “Thank you Father” before mealtime become sing-songy and […]


The quiet doesn’t come easily to me. I don’t know what I’m afraid of finding here, but I wait. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever come. This idea, this dream of writing. I have glimpses of it, but nothing real to grasp. The quiet assaults me, mocking me with the silence of fingers poised […]

Bleeding Out

I used to be one of them. The only thing higher than my hands was my gaze. I had the sway, in the Spirit of course. Tears, laughter, yelling–it didn’t matter. It was all genuine. From the view in the balcony that feels like a lifetime ago. Sitting here I wonder what happened, what changed? […]

Whisper Scared

I lay there under the blankets, our bodies close in the dark. I whisper my fear as our foreheads touch and my eyes search for an anchor. I’m watching trees that are tall and deep and shallow and young trying to hold on in the storms, but the raging winds tear at them and break […]

I have someone for you to meet.

Who’s Becky? Well, if I’m being truly real here I have two answers: 1. It’s me. Yes, I use Rebecca for my writing. Why? Well, because I like it better for that. But if I’m being really, real here (not just lowfat ice cream kind of real)…I’m Becky. It’s who I’ve always been and I’m […]

Still Holding On

I may not have hit the ground with a thud yet, but I’m hanging on for dear life. I can’t let go this time. I will not let my need for perfect override my need for progress. Here, right now, these words are progress. I’m learning things here in my imperfect world of words. I’m […]

When did I become timid?

FIERCE, STRONG-WILLED, INDEPENDENT, HEADSTRONG, OUTSPOKEN. All me. Or at least that was me. I’m not sure when things changed and I became….weak. At least it feels like weakness. When you’ve spent your whole life being one thing and you suddenly look in the mirror and you cannot recognize the person starting back, you start to […]

Afraid to Write

I have a journal I’m afraid to write in. What if I write on those creamy lined pages and they don’t? (Make me famous, that is.) What if I write the wrong words? What if it never happens? See, I am not one of those people who wants my words to simply exist in a […]